Numbertown ---- Decimal Darts

So I am the same as 75/100 and I can adopt my Point 75 (.75) look, continued 3/4.

That's the same as 7/10 + 5/100 or just more simply 75/100, Point 4 interjected.

That's very cool," replied 3/4. I'm going to share that with all my friends.

Great idea, responded Point 4.

Note: Here is more information about decimals and place value.

I heard through the rumor mill that there is a Decimal Darts game somewhere. Do you know where it is? asked Point 4.
“No, I don't,” replied 3/4.
But now that we know the citizens of Deciburg are all related to us fractions then if we build it they (decimals) will come. And so it came to pass.
As soon as the decimal numbers in the 'burg learned they have family in Number Town, they packed their gear and headed for beyond the mountains where they learned that Decimal Darts just opened in Fractionville. When they arrived, Mayors 1 and 3/5 were there to greet

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