The Great Green Globs Contest
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See Globs blog for the contest array details.
See Instructions for playing Green Globs and the rules for Contest.
Also available: "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Equations, Lines, Slopes, and Graphs but Were Afraid to Ask - Part 1" - Good intro to Green Globs! (Download word file.)
Read inspirational story about how Globs can be transformational!

In this example you needed 5 equations to hit all the globs. For the contest you would submit your 5 equations which then will be entered into the actual globs game at Globs Central to determine your score.

Can you do better than 45 points on game 1?

To find out do the following:

  • Launch the program Green Globs.
  • Download Game 1 (PC) or Game 1 (Mac) along with the score sheet.
  • Open the game 1 file you just downloaded. (Hint: Try parabolas to get a higher point total.)

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"Students combine computer game fun and serious mathematics in a face-off of the "Green Globs Challenge." After learning about coordinate graphs and equations in math class, students put their knowledge to work by playing the "Green Globs" computer game using classroom computers and laptops. Highest score wins." McAuliffe MS RocketNews, Elizabeth, NJ (2007)

The Globs Game #1

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