Numbertown ---- Life catches up with 2/3
“Here's an example,” replied 4/6. “1/5 never used the form 20/100 because it hated dragging around the /100 everywhere, so it decided to start using % which was a lighter, sleeker way to dress. So 20/100 became 20 per 100 or 20 percent which is usually written as 20%,” continued 4/6.

Note: To learn more about percents click here.
It wasn’t long before the folks at the Candy Store and Fracteria started using the % form. For example, this sign appeared in
the window of the
Candy Store. And as usual, the proprietor 24 was confused by what that meant. 4/6 picked up the on-sale candy bar and gave 24 $.10 along with a smile.
“What kind of nonsense is this?” yelled 24. “It costs more than a dime!”
“No, it doesn’t,” replied 4/6. “Here let me show you.”
4/6 proceeded to show 24 that 20% of $.50 is $.10 or 10 cents. “That's the discount," said 24. “You owe me the rest which is $.40 (40 cents).”
4/6 was dumbfounded. But this time 4/6 conceded because it knew 24 was right.


Meanwhile 763 was standing outside the candy store when it heard the commotion inside the store. 763 stepped inside and yells, “Is that you, 4/6? You’re under arrest. I know that you are 2/3.”

4/6 dropped the candy bar and immediately darted outside the store, but right into the hands of 763’s deputy, 45. 4/6 sighed dejectedly as it changed
back to its 2/3 form.
The scene switches to the jailhouse.

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