Numbertown ---- Decimals

creature may not believe who you are.   
When 4/10 arrives, it shows Point 4 its ID.
That's amazing said Point 4. My ID card is identical to yours! We definitely must be related.

And so it went. Point 4 and 4/10 bonded. Point 4 even met 2/5 who was another form of 4/10. But 2/5 was a bit shy so it switched back to Point 4.
“I wonder,” said 4/6 to Point 4,
if I am a relative to someone in the town where you live.
You are, replied Point 4. "But your relative is much stranger than I am. For one thing, you can't put its entire name on an ID card. It's .6666... and the sixes go on forever.
So what do they put on my ID card? asked 4/6. Point 6 bar. It looks like this.

That's really weird. Point 6 with a lid is the same as .666... going on forever. I hope to understand that some day, said 4/6.

Well, let me give you a clue, Point 4 continues with its story. First of all I live in a town called Deciburg. Rumor has it that before Deciburg  
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