Numbertown ---- Darts Arena

4/6 jumped in, “Remember how you shook yourself to become 5/5 in the movie?" Well, if you shake yourself you can also become 8/8. 
So 3 - 2 5/8 is the same problem as 24/8 - 21/8 which equals 3/8.”


“I got it,” said the mayor, "though I'm not sure I understand it. But that's for another time.  For now it's time to play Darts next door at the Darts Arena.”
Here we are at the Darts Arena. But before we play, 4/6 told Mayor 1 that we need to know something about where fractions actually live.

“But don't we live in Fractionville?” asked Mayor 3/5.

“Yes," said 4/6, “but more specifically we live on streets called number

lines. Most of the fractions you have met so far live on the 0 to 1 line. Including you Mayor 3/5! If you recall you and your line-mates are proper fractions.”
“Yes, I know them well. Our numerators are smaller than our denominators!” Mayor 3/5 stated
“That's right. Let's go inside and play, the challenge will be to pop balloons that some of the fractions will be showing at their location,” replied 4/6.


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