Numbertown ---- The Weird Number

Hello, my name is 2/3 and I'm the star of The Weird Number.

Let me tell you about it. This is a story about a town not all that different from other towns except that in this town (which I call Numbertown) 763 is the sheriff, 9 is the village baker and 1 is the mayor. All the inhabitants in Numbertown are natural (or counting) numbers.
Recently there were rumors that other strange creatures live in the woods beyond the mountains. But no one can imagine that there could be numbers that weren’t natural, so they just ignored it and went about their business.
The sheriff lives a quiet life because there are   
no robberies. If any inhabitant of Numbertown would steal something it would steal the same number of items as its name so it would be immediately arrested. Thus, there were no robberies … until one day, to everyone's surprise, there was a robbery. That's where I come into the story. So let's watch this movie to see what happens next.
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