The Wannado* Curriculum: A Math Teacher’s Journey to the Dynamic Math 2.0 Classroom

In my book I describe the dynamic classroom as a place where the interaction between teacher and students produces engagement and learning. Success depends on what the teacher does, how it fits in with the needs of the students, and the quality and utilization of resources. In The Wannado* Curriculum, I tell how I turned my vision of a dynamic Math 2.0 classroom into reality. Part memoir, part teaching tool, the Wannado Curriculum offers insight into helping teachers establish a context for creating their own “wannado” curriculum, a project-based approach where the context makes the content interesting to students. The book:

  • describes how growing up as an immigrant in America impacted my learning.
  • tells how I discovered the secret to working with unmotivated students.
  • Explores the idea that alternative ways of teaching and learning are the keys to powerful, dynamic teaching and learning that motivates students.
  • discusses my experiences in a private, child-centered school, where I used computers to practice the teaching and learning I was excited about.
  • relays how the real-life game of craps inspired a reluctant student to ask questions and learn about the mathematical intricacies of the game.
  • brings to life the my experiences with computers in teaching math. 
  • details my vision of the dynamic math classroom. 
  • introduces Math 2.0, a powerful environment that uses mathematics software and collaborative Web 2.0 tools in a dynamic classroom setting. 

The Wannado Curriculum presents glimpses of what twenty-first century math teaching and learning could look like if a student-driven and teacher-supported method was universally embraced.

More information about the Wannado Curriculum is available here.

*Wannado is the heightened version of “want to do”. It’s what kids (and adults) say when they really, really want to do something.

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