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Green Globs Competition Between McAuliffe and Battin Middle Schools

Contest Booklet

Eighth grade Students from McAuliffe and Battin Middle Schools recently combined computer game fun and serious mathematics in a face-off of the "Green Globs Challenge." After learning about coordinate graphs and equations in math class, they put their knowledge to work by playing the "Green Globs" computer game using classroom computers and laptops. Here's how the game was played: If student's correctly entered an equation, they hit a green glob target. After becoming more proficient at the game, the eighth graders advanced to the advanced level - challenged by "blockers" that forced them to find alternative equations to hit the targets. McAuliffe's eighth graders won the competition. The winners were: Ricardo Lopez, Andres Rengifo, Madelyn Centurion, Kerland Stavien, Junior Chala, Paula Cacares, Jamie Garcia and Valentina Acosta. Eighth grade math teachers Mr. Harner of McAuliffe and Mr. Schwarzberg of Battin, both participants in the MATRIX grant that seeks to raise the level of technology used in the math classroom, worked with Ihor Charischak from the Stevens Institute to plan the "Green Globs Challenge."

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