Roderick's Glob Game

To start I used an absolute value to bounce the line because the absolute value eliminates the negatives, then I adjusted the slope.

Next, I used a circle to get 4 globs, first I used trial and error to figure out the radius of the circle.  Then I moved the center of the circle away from the origin of the graph by adding or subtracting numbers from the x and y inside the parentheses.

I made a hyperbola to get 3 globs on both axis they were close to the line so I made a less than 1.(.5)

Here I made a regular line with a negative slope, and a y-intercept of +5.

The equation of the line is:

 y = -1/10x + 5

My last shot was a parabola but I moved it down by adding a negative y intercept.  Then I made it real wide by using a number less than 1 as the coefficient of the x^2 term.