Jared's Glob Game

Above is my first shot. I did this so I can start my game off with a high score.  This is called sine wave.  To do this with the sign wave I had to put a negative slope on it. As you can see my score I started off with 127 points.

On the left is my second shot.  I first tried to use an absolute line but it was  harder,  so I did a  vertical line and hit two globs.

This is my third shot.  I wanted to hit two globs instead of one so I used a line with a slope of -1/4 and I hit those two.

This is my last shot.  I hit those two at the top. I had to be aware of the blocker so I had to change the y –intercept from 5 to 4.5 and I hit two globs and I got a high score.