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Dynamic Math 2.0 Classroom

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Pi Day
Favorite Pi Activity

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revised 3.9.15

10 County Math
Saturday, 3/14/15
An Encounter with Stewart
Contrary to popular opinion students come to our math classrooms with plenty of ideas about mathematics. Unfortunately, not all of them are accurate. To illustrate what I mean here is a conversation I had with Stewart an average 6th grade student.


Road Sign & Bus Problem
What's the problem with Word problems? At the heart of the problem is a very simple, yet powerful idea: making sense.
Extra: A&C Activity

2 Number Town
The number town activity was inspired by the movie called the Weird Number. The story chronicles how a brave fraction, 2/3 stole some bread in a town inhabited only by whole numbers and managed to escape the posse because he could always confuse them by changing its form.
Weird Number Video on Youtube link
Family fractions activity link

3 Fraction Darts
The object of the Fraction Darts challenge is to "pop"
balloons located on a number line between 0 and 1. 
Here is a glimpse of a game in progress. Two darts
(5/8 and 3/4) have been thrown so far. Notice that
3/4 is too small and 5/8 is too big. What is your next
throw? link
  See also
Decimal Darts
Watch 5th graders play Darts with a Smartboard. link


Jinx Puzzle

Pick a number,  Add 11, multiply by 6, subtract 3, divide by 3, Add 5, Divide by 2, Subtract the original number. Why is this called the Jinx puzzle? [link]
CIESEmath Jinx puzzle lesson [link]
Why the Jinx puzzle works [link]

5 Pizza Server Activity
Order some pies and see if you can figure out what the prices are for different sizes of pizza and number of toppings. (Check out the toppings.) In other words, what does their menu look like?

6 Quadrilateral Pretenders
If you see a shape that looks like a square, how do you know whether it really is a square?
With Sketchpad you can use the drag test to find out.
This test will show you those shapes that really are
what they appear to be, and those that are only pretending. link

7 The Great Green Globs Challenge
Everything you ever wanted to know about Green Globs but were afraid to ask (Link)
Globs Blog entry and Video tutorial intro (3:40)
Video: Green Globs meet Parabolas (3:44)
Neil Cooperman - Green Globs Contest - video (12:00)