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Pi Day (2024) will be back in...*

March 14, 2024 1:59pm

Pi day prices at my local grocery store. I wonder how many grocery shoppers realized what it meant.
Pi Wrap

Lose Yourself (In The Digits), March 2004
» Three days of focus, ending with a sudden command performance in front of hundreds (more)

Pi day at the Exploratorium in San Francisco
No matter how you slice it, you won’t want to miss Pi (π) Day—we’ll be celebrating differently this year, but you can still join the party for this irrational and transcendent figure.
Where is your birthday in Pi?
How many digits will it take until your birthday shows up in Pi? Click on image to find out.

Buffon's Needle Experiment
One of the oldest problems in the field of geometrical probability, Buffon's Needle is an intriguing problem relating the theory of probability to the number pi. The problem involves randomly dropping a needle on a grid of parallel lines and determining the probability of the needle crossing one of the lines. CLICK on image to see a demonstration.

Slice of Pi, Anyone?

The Indiana Pi Bill is the popular name for bill #246 of the 1897 sitting of the Indiana General Assembly, one of the most notorious attempts to establish mathematical truth by legislative fiat.

According to the bible Pi is equal to 3. Check it out here.

Homeless Pi - A Sad Story

Pi Day: How One Irrational Number Made Us Modern

What Is Pi Day? From Polygons to Polynomials