Numbertown ---- Cloning Fractions & Costume Party

When you clone with division you are reducing the fraction to lower terms. George in Fractions in Disguise* used a reducer gadget to clone or reduce a fraction to lowest terms.

For example, if 7/63 crosses George's path he would point his gadget at 7/63, dial it to 7 which is the greatest number that will go into both 7 and 63, and push the activate key. And by magic 7/63 becomes 1/9. Don’t you just love that kind of stuff! If your name is, say 1/3, and let's say you are having a group showing of some of your costumes. Here are a bunch of fractions.
One of them is not part of your wardrobe.

It turns out that if George reduced all of these fractions you would see that 3/12 becomes 1/4 and the others all reduced to 1/3 so 1/4 would be the one that doesn't belong in 1/3's closet.

Fractions in Disguise - A Math adventure by Edward Einhorn (2014)
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