Numbertown ---- One More Form: Percents
“What do ya mean?” asked Mayor 1.

“There’s no sale here. They RAISED the price from $1/5 to $.25!" said 4/6.

“Show me,” demanded the mayor.

“We learned from 1/4 that all fractions have decimal equivalents,” continued 4/6. “Let’s see what 1/5 can be."

Since $.25 is more than $.20 by 5/100 or $.05. That means that the candy bar now costs $.05 more than before the sale.

"Are there other forms of numbers still to be discovered?" asked
Mayor 1.

"Yes, in Number Town all fractions that need to wear 100 as their denominator, can use the symbol % instead," replied 4/6.

"Why is that?" asked Mayor 1.
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