Numbertown ---- Party & Introduction to Scratch
“Don't you remember what you did in the movie?” asked 4/6. “You concentrated and concentrated and you became a 5 on top and 5 on the bottom and as if by magic you became 5/5,” continued 4/6.
“I did do that, didn't I?” remembered the mayor. “I wonder if I can do that again?”

So it concentrated and sure enough, the mayor became 5/5. Everyone in the place was thrilled. 3/5, the newly elected mayor of Fractionville, acknowledged 5/5 who now was eligible to be a full-fledged citizen of Fractionville. 3/5 gave 5/5 a letter of authenticity.

Dear reader, It’s your turn to look at and do some Scratching1. Start with the Scratch app on the right. W
atch the mayor turn into 5/5ths.
If you are new to Scratch you can find a short introduction here.  (You can skip this for now if you wish.)

1. Scratch is a free programming language that makes it easy to create interactive stories,
    animations, games, music, and art, and share your creations on the web.
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