Numbertown ---- Fracteria
“Let’s see. 5/20 - 4/20 is 1/20,” replied 24. "I owe you 1/20 of a dollar along with the candy bar." 

“Thanks. I’ll have the candy bar for dessert. Now I’m hungry,” replied 4/6.
So 4/6 joined Mayor 1 for the hike across the street to the Fracteria.

The mayor of Fractionville, 3/5, greeted them at the entrance and the three of them went inside. "Table for three, please," said 3/5.
"Come with me. I have a lovely table for you right over here. Today's special is a Burger, Fries and a Soda," replied the hostess.
Soda: $ 1/2
Burger: $ 1 1/8
Fries: $ 3/4


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