Numbertown ---- And Now the Rest of the Story
Note: So now that you have seen the Weird Number ask your teacher to play Group Fractions with your class.

Here’s the rest of the story as written by the author, Ihor Charischak

Hello, there. Let me set the scene following what happened in The Weird Number. Fractionville is now a part of Numbertown. Fractions and natural numbers mingle together. But the fractions are not yet completely comfortable living in Numbertown. Also, 2/3 regularly appears in town as 4/6 so that it can continue to “hide” from the sheriff. Since 4/6 wants the natural numbers to become accustomed to socializing with fractions, it thinks of ways to do that.
“Well, I have a plan,” said 4/6 to the Mayor of Numbertown. “I want you to come to my house in Fractionville so we can hang out with some of my friends.”

“Who are your friends?” asked the Mayor. “Well, there's 1/7, 3/5, and 5/8 who are at a party going on at my house right now.”



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