Numbertown ---- Yielding the Right of Way

Now let me tell you about another strange thing that happens in Fractionville. Not only can you compare your picture IDs to find out which fraction is bigger, but you can also observe your fellow fraction's actions. What I mean is this. If you happen to meet another fraction on the street and that fraction is bigger, then you should yield the “right of way” by stepping aside. You definitely don't want to disrespect someone bigger than you! (Remember that 7/5 yielded to 5 earlier.)

For example, let's say 5/8 is strolling down the street and notices that 2/3 is walking towards it in the opposite direction. What should 5/8 do? (No, not call the Sheriff.) Should 5/8 “yield” the right of way to 2/3? Or should it just keep walking and expect 2/3 to yield?  Let’s look at their photo IDs:

Wow that’s close. As you can see 2/3 is slightly bigger than 5/8.  So 5/8 should yield the right of way. Be careful if 5/8 gets that wrong, it will crash and explode. (If the two fractions happen to be equivalent, then they will embrace.)

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