Numbertown ---- Improper Fractions

Do you remember watching the Weird Number when 5 changed its form to 15/3? Here’s a clip to refresh your memory:

Well after this discovery that 5 can have a fractional form, 5 thought it would be cool to hang out in its 15/3 costume in Numbertown.

Unfortunately 5 was unaware of a new ordinance posted in town that all fractions should use their proper form while they are out and about in town.

One day, 3/4, while standing under a lamppost, spotted 15/3 strolling through town. So 3/4 decided to report 15/3 to the sheriff, 763.

"What seems to be the problem," asked the sheriff.

"You'd better keep an eye out for 15/3," replied 3/4. “It's behaving improperly. We proper fractions keep our numerators smaller than our denominators," continued 3/4.

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