Numbertown ---- Comparing Fractions

OK, my friend. Here's a challenge for you. Your name is 1/3. How would you compare to 1/2? In other words, how does your photo ID compare to 1/2's photo ID?  Another way to ask this question is: Who is bigger you or 1/2?

Note: If 1/3 and 1/2 are parts of the same size candy bars which would be the bigger piece to eat?

"That’s easy," says 1/3. "I would pick 1/2, of course."

"But why is that?" 2/3 asks. "Isn’t 3 bigger than 2?"

No, no,” says 1/3.
"Think about it. If I divide something into 2 pieces and eat 1 of them, am I going to eat more or less than dividing the same candy bar into three pieces and eat one piece?"

“That’s right,” says 2/3. “But how much bigger is it?”

“Wow, that’s a hard question. I'll have to sleep on that,” replied 1/3.

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