Numbertown ---- Headless Fractions
One morning after waking up from sleep, 2/3 learned that one of its forms “slash 15” (/15) had lost their head! 2/3 was deeply upset because /15 was in such a state.

So 2/3 jumped out of bed, put on its 4/6's costume and headed to the Lost Head & Found Department (LHFD) at City Hall. There 4/6 saw so many fraction heads that it became very upset.

I wish I could help them all find their heads, fretted 4/6. But right now it's /15’s head that I want to find especially since /15 is a clone of mine.

Could you help me? pleaded 4/6.

1/5, the head of LHFD, heard 4/6’s plea and came to the rescue.

Let's see now, ponders 1/5. What could /15 be and still be 4/6?

In other words (or rather numbers):
4/6 = ?/15

“One way to find out is to list all of your clone members,” 1/5 informed 4/6.

“OK, I’ll do that,” replied 4/6.
Let's see, said 4/6, my clone costumes are 2/3, 6/9, 8/12, 10/15...

That's it, interrupted 1/5, "10 is /15's head!

“You got it,” agreed 4/6.
Some of my other clone members are 12/18 and 14/21, continued 4/6.
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